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Attachments are files that are linked to a record. The Attachments tab is found on many of the detail views, including the Activity Detail view, and displays a list of attachments for the selected record.  

The Send SLX button in Outlook saves e-mail attachments using one of the following methods:

  • E-mail attachments are saved as individual files
  • A single e-mail attachment that contains the e-mail and all attachments

The method used is determined by your administrator.

When you make changes to an attached file you must update the attachment so that Remote users can access the updated version.

The columns are Attachment, Modify User, Modify Date/Time, Size, and File Extension. Click a column heading to sort the list according to that column.

  • If you make changes to an attachment you must upload the new file for those changes to be available in Infor CRM. Any changes you make are made to a local copy of the file, not the attached file.
  • If an activity member has calendar access to the activity leader, then the member will be able to add or edit attachments. If the member does not have calendar access, then the member can only view, copy or save attachments.

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