Editing the Calendar Users List

When using the Infor CRM calendar, with the appropriate access rights set by your system administrator, you can view and/or modify other users’ activities and events.

To add or remove calendar users from the list

  1. From the Calendar view, in the Task Pane, under Calendar Users, click Edit Calendar Users.
    The Edit Calendar Users dialog box opens.
  2. If necessary, type the first couple of letters of a user's name in the Find User box and click FindClosed to search for a user.
    Your calendar security determines whose calendars you can view.
  3. Select the check boxes of the users you want to display in the Calendar Users  list and clear the check boxes of the users you want to hide. Your name is selected by default and cannot be cleared.
    You can select up to 25 users (including yourself) in your list. However you may only view up to four calendars at a time.
  4. Click OK.
    The Calendar Users list includes only the selected users.



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