Creating a Secured Action

The system administrator and users with the appropriate role can access these features.The system administrator and users with an administrator role can access these features.

You can create new secured actions to secure elements in the Web Client.

When creating a new secured action, ensure the action has a unique name not previously used (unless you are recovering an accidentally deleted secured action). If you deleted a secured action without manually removing the action from elements in the Application Architect, the new action may give access you did not expect. Tell me more...Closed

For example, you created a secured action named Print/Reports and added that action to multiple Print buttons (using the Applied Security property in the Application Architect). Then you deleted the Print/Reports secured action but did not manually change the Applied Security property for the Print buttons. If you create a new secured action named Print/Reports, all the Print buttons formerly attached to the Print/Reports action will link to the new Print/Reports action.

Infor CRM recommends using a descriptive name for your secured actions that can be used to track the action's intended purpose. For example, the Entity/Account/Delete secured action is used to control elements that allow users to delete accounts. This naming structure is recommended, but not enforced. The secured action name is a string value and any naming convention can be used.

To create

  1. On the Administration menu, click New Secured Action.
  2. In the Secured Action box, type the secured action name.
  3. In the Description box, type descriptive information about the secured action.
  4. Click SaveClosed to save the secured action or Save and NewClosed to save the secured action and create another.
  5. Use the Roles tab to add the secured action to a role.
  6. Use the Locations tab to view where the secured action is used.

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