Account Detail View Contacts Tab


You can use the Contacts tab to display the list of contacts associated with the current account. You can also add contacts to using the Contacts tab.

How Do I?

Open the Account Contacts tabClosed

  1. Open the Account Detail view.
  2. Click the Contacts tab. If the tab is not visible, click the More Tabs tab.

This view contains the following columns:

  • Name - Displays the contact name. Click the hyperlink to display the Contact Detail view.
  • Primary - Indicates if the contact is the primary contact for the account.
  • Phone - Displays the contact's phone number.
  • Title - Display's the contact's title.
  • City - Displays the contact's city.
  • State - Displays the contact's state.
  • Type - Displays the contact's category.
  • Department -Displays the department that the contact belongs to.

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