Using Widgets

Infor CRM provides several out-of-the-box widgets. You can add, edit, and remove widgets from the dashboard, and you can rearrange widgets on the page with drag-and-drop.

Using pre-defined dimensions, which are a type of filter, you can display metrics for the data across ranges or from the distinct values and display this data in one of the charting widgets. For example, you can configure a column chart widget to display all the opportunities closed and won, by an owner and the total amount of the sale, or a pie chart depicting the sales won by a team.

Note: The list of available widgets is determined by the implementation. You may not have access to all the widget types.

You can perform these actions related to the widgets:

  • Add a widget:
    1. Right-click My Dashboard tab, and select Add Content.
    2. In the Add Content field, click Add on the widget to be added.

      For example, to add a pie chart widget, click Add under Pie Chart.

      The blank widget appears on the dashboard and the widget editor opens.

    3. Configure the widget settings, and click OK.
  • Edit an existing widget:
    1. From the widget toolbar, select (Settings).
    2. Make the required changes.
    3. Click OK.

      The widget displays the changes.

  • Configure a Charting widget
  • Configure the Group List widget
  • Configure the SData widget
  • Configure the Website widget
  • Configure the Web Feed widget
  • Minimize a widget: From the Widget toolbar, select  (Minimize).

    The widget content is minimized in the dashboard. Click the button again to maximize the widget.

  • Remove a widget: From the widget toolbar, select (Close).

    The widget is permanently removed from the dashboard.

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