Working with Grids in List Views and Tabs

There are features that allow you to change the way information is displayed in a grid. You can use these features to sort records or to hide or rearrange columns in the grid.

List view groups remember your sort and column width changes.

You can perform these actions:

  • Sort records: Click the column header you want to use to sort your list. To change the direction of the sort, click the column heading again. Not all columns can be sorted.
  • Show or hide columns: Click and select the check box of the columns you want to appear in the grid and clear the check boxes of the columns you want to hide in the grid. When finished, move the cursor off the menu and click to close the menu.

    By default, all columns are visible until hidden.

  • Move columns: Click the column you want to move and drag and drop the column to the new position in the grid.
  • Resize columns: Click and hold the column divider and drag to the size you need.

    Columns have a minimum column width and cannot be resized to be smaller than that width.

  • Select multiple records: To select multiple records, hold down [Ctrl] or [Shift], and highlight the records.

    To select multiple records using your keyboard, press and hold [Ctrl] or [Shift] as you scroll through the list, and then press the Spacebar key.

  • Clear selected records: In the Task Pane, under Common Tasks, click Clear.
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