Overview of Infor BI Dashboards

Dashboards present key information, at a glance, that helps you to fulfill your role. You can view your dashboards in a web browser or on a mobile device, giving you access to business intelligence content anywhere. Typically a dashboard contains multiple widgets with summary information from which you can drill down as necessary to more detailed reports and charts.

Because of the multiplicity of business roles and tasks Infor BI Dashboards does not impose restrictions on the format or content of dashboards. Instead Dashboards gives you the tools to create personalized dashboards, while guiding you towards functional layouts. There is, for example, no grid to dictate where you place content. Instead there are helper lines and snapping functionality to help you to position, reposition, and resize widgets precisely. There are options to specify the size of dashboards for optimum functionality on different screen sizes.

Dashboards has a dashboard browser from which you access saved dashboards, and one or more content connections from which you can drag content onto your dashboards. A toolbox enables you to add web content to your dashboards and stores copies of widgets that can be reused in multiple dashboards. In addition, each widget has tools to control its properties.