Getting new updates and impact

Perform these steps to apply the new updates from the release:

  1. Copy new content from the SMD space to ATC spaces.
    1. Navigate to the Infor Birst 2.0 home page.
    2. Go to Admin > Orchestration.
    3. Search for WFM-Analytics-Update-Content and click Run Workflow on the drop-down list.
    4. Wait for the workflow to complete.
    5. Click Run History to confirm that workflow was successful.
  2. Update the orchestration structure.
    1. Clone the SMD workflows.
      1. Go to Admin > Orchestration.
      2. Search and clone the SMD WFM Analytics orchestrations.
    2. Rename and update the workflows.
      1. Rename the workflows to WFM Analytics – [workflow] 2022.12.00 to avoid confusion with the old orchestration.
      2. Update the cloned workflows by mapping the spaces from SMD-WFMADR to the WFMADR spaces.
  3. Reload data.
    1. After the workflow is successful, reload the data using full load orchestration.
      1. In Admin > Orchestration, run the new orchestration WFM Analytics - Delete All Processed Data 2022.12.00. This clears all processed data displayed in the dashboards.
      2. Wait for the orchestration to complete.
      3. Click Run History to check the status.
  4. Verify if the update was successful.

    You must perform this step to verify that the tenant spaces are updated to latest versions.

    1. Navigate to [TENANT]-WFMADR-Consumer.
    2. Select Dashboards.
    3. Verify the if product version on the dashboard is updated.
    4. Verify if all dashboards exist and data is displayed.