Understanding content updates

Two sets of spaces and orchestrations are available during provisioning: Standard Meta Data (SMD) spaces and Active tenant spaces.

The different spaces and space classes are described in Understanding tenant space classes.

Both sets of spaces reside in the applicable tenant environment such as TST, TRN, and PRD. The metadata spaces are for reference only. Its content should be viewed and used for copy purposes only.

The SMD spaces and orchestrations are only available for the Birst System administrators Security role.

The purpose of the SMD spaces is to make analytics content updates and fixes available to customers. This is done in metadata form for the customer's reference. There is no effect on the active tenant spaces that are deployed and in-use.

When there is a release update or a critical fix to be delivered to tenants, Infor will delete and replace the SMD spaces using an automated process. Do not load data into the SMD spaces or provide access to end users. Use copies or one of the tenants to preview the new content released.

After the deployment of an update is complete, a customer administrator should update the tenant spaces from the SMD spaces based on their need. This process is described in Update process.
Do not delete, move, or make changes to the SMD spaces, as you will lose the ability to compare changes with the standard delivered content.

Depending on the changes introduced with the update, you might have to reload the data.