Update process

This appendix contains information for updating M3 Analytics content in your active tenant.
Before you proceed with any content update, ensure that space back-up procedures were performed. If any issue occurs during a content update, you can use the back-up copy to restore a space back to its original state. For Orchestrations, modifications should only be performed on clones of the SMD orchestrations. For instructions on duplicating a space in Birst, see the Birst Online Help.

See KB 2193893 for a generic introduction and instructions on how to update pre-built content.

We recommend that you use the application workflows to move content updates to your active tenant. See KB 2244911 for a detailed instruction on using the application workflows in upgrading M3 Analytics content.

Infor does not update active tenant content. You can still make changes to existing artifacts. We recommended that you explore extension as this can simplify the update process within the project. See Extending content for more information.