Dimension Description
Time Day, Month, Quarter, Year attributes
Cost Center
Education Highest education level reached based on Level Equivalence in HR Talent
Employee Attributes from Employee business class
Employee Payroll Address

Address used for payroll. Does not include actual street address.

County, Municipality, Postal Code, State/Province, Country

Employee Subordinate The current Employee Subordinate relationships
Geographic Differential Code Geographic differential description
Hire Source
HR Location
HR Organization Unit HR Organization Unit codes and descriptions
HR Organization Unit Chart
Indirect Supervisor Current Indirect Supervisor of Employee
Job Job Category hierarchy > Job Description > Position Description > Employee
Job Country Attribute Country regulatory report category and attributes
Relationship Status Use ‘Include in Headcount’ to set filter to Budgeted Positions
Relationship to Organization
Salary Distinct pay rates
Salary Structure
Salary Structure Grade
Salary Structure Pay Zone
Step and Grade Schedule
Supervisor Supervisor code and description
Supervisor Assignment Supervisor code and description for use when analyzing supervisors as opposed to those that report to them
Supervisor Chart Supervisor code and description with parent structure
Work Assignment Monthly Snapshot Employee attributes as of the Snapshot date.