Overview of Homepages

You can use Infor Homepages to create personalized home pages with information from multiple ERPs and other systems in one place. You can set up a page that is tailored to your needs by combining and configuring widgets.

A widget is a small, single-purpose application that provides quick, at-a-glance information or access to interactive functions. Widgets are simpler and faster to access than full applications that may provide more functionality.

From the Infor BI point of view, Homepages widgets display reports that are developed in Infor Application Studio. You can add the BI widget to Homepages and configure the widget to display any report that you have created, such as gross margin by product, top 10 customers, or sales by region.

Homepages has a Widget Catalog containing widgets from each application that runs in Infor Ming.le. BI widgets are stored in the Business Intelligence category in the Widget Catalog.