Group authorizations

You can use group authorizations to set permissions for the group that apply to all users assigned to that group. Use the group authorization form to view and modify the permissions for these actions:
  • Delete: Controls whether the user can delete records.
  • Edit: Controls whether the user can edit existing records.
  • Execute: Controls all privileges, including whether the user can open the form. When execute is not granted, all privileges are unavailable.
  • Insert: Controls whether the user can insert records.
  • Read: Controls whether the user can read data.
  • Update: Controls whether the user can save changes to existing data.
  • Bulk update: Controls whether the user can perform a bulk update, such as multiple find and replace operations.

A user can be assigned to multiple groups with different or same permissions.

For example: User 1 can be part of Group Admin that has all permissions within the Customer order form. User 1 can also be part of Group Check-in that has only Execute and Read permission in the customer order form. In this situation where User 1 is included in two groups with different permissions, User 1 is granted all permissions within the customer order form since granted permissions prevail over not granted permissions for the same form for the same user.