Adding a new appointment at the facility level

  1. Select Interfaced Data > Appointments to open the YMS Facility Appointments page.
  2. Click New to access the appointments detail view.
  3. Specify this information on the Appointment tab:
    Appointment ID
    Specify the identification of the appointment.
    Appointment Type
    Select the appointment type. These values are valid:
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • Both
    Select the supplier from the list.
    Select the door from the list.
    YMS Status
    Select the values for the YMS status. These values are valid:
    • Scheduled
    • In Process
    • Completed
  4. Specify this information on the Equipment tab:
    Equipment ID
    Specify the ID for the equipment.
    Equipment Flow
    Select the expected equipment flow from the list.
    Select the carrier from the list.
    Actual Equipment
    Select the actual equipment. The actual equipment details are specified when the equipment is received in the yard.
  5. Specify this information on the Dates and Instructions tab:
    Date Check In
    Select the check-in date.
    Date Check Out
    Select the check-out date.
    Planned Arrival Date
    Select the date for the planned arrival.
    Planned Departure Date
    Select the date for the planned departure.
    Special Instructions
    Specify any special instructions for the appointment.
  6. Click Save.