Copy Facility

Use the Copy Facility page to copy selected tables from one facility to another inactive facility. The table on the left-side contains the enterprise tables that can be copied. The table on the right-side contains the site-specific facility tables that can be copied.

Use the Copy Facility page to configure a new facility by copying the tables from the existing facility. After performing the copy, the new table should be reviewed in detail to ensure that the settings equally apply to the new facility.

Note: When using the Copy Facility function, all of the data is copied for that facility even if you do not require all of the information. For example, if you copy a facility that has any Appointments, ASNs, POs, or SOs, then all are copied. But, you do not need to copy the PO for facility ABC into my new facility DEF.

You can also use this page to create a training environment. This environment can be used to clone another environment for the physical testing course that uses previously configured data over and over.