The RFID Scan option records and tracks the RFID label scanning. The RFID Scan option is not available in the YMS Mobile application. RFID tags fall into these categories:
  • Active RFID: This type of tag is always transmitting, and the RFID information can be picked up by any active reader.
  • Passive RFID: This type of tag only transmits the RFID information when passing a scanner that activates and reads the RFID chip in the label.
The YMS Facility RFID Scan page shows data gathered through the RFID reader and everything the RFID associates with the scanned tag. To obtain the reader information, you can do these things:
  • Import a file extracted from the RFID reader to the page
  • Gather real time data from the opened RFID reader screen with the reader attached to the USB serial port

After the data is scanned, the data associated with the tag is updated on the RFID Registration page to show the last scanned date and time.