Task Management

Use the Facility Task Management page to configure a set of rules that specify which inspection or move tasks a driver or spotter receives in the YMS Yard Jockey Mobile application. You also specify the sequence that tasks are presented to the driver or spotter. After the task management rules are created, an administrator can assign a task management role to each driver or spotter. The rules are evaluated in the order of priority and valid tasks are identified through these task criteria fields:
  • Task Type: Select Inspection, Move or Any.
  • From Zone: Select the location zone to look for commands.
  • To Zone: For a Move task type, you must specify a From Zone or complete this field. For an Inspection task type, only the source zone is allowed. For the Any task type, specify a From Zone and complete this field.
  • Interleave Sequence: Provides functionality to interleave types of tasks. If your last task was an Inspection, then you can set interleave sequences such that the next task is a Move, and then back to Inspection.
  • Exclusive?: This field is enabled only when a zone is specified. When selected, only the tasks shown to the mobile user's application are locked to that user. This is so that no other user can access or complete those tasks when the user remains on that task role rule.

The Facility Task Management option is located under the Configuration menu at the facility level.