Appointment Calendar

The Appointment Calendar page shows a view-only page that is created from the appointment inbound data. The appointment cannot be updated, created, or deleted in YMS.

By default, the current date is displayed and any appointments on that date are drawn showing the appointment start time and end time. For the current or user selected date, all appointments that begin or end on or before that date are selected. The facility heat map is drawn showing when appointments overlap.

You can filter an inbound, outbound, or inbound and outbound appointment type for a given day by selecting appointment type on this page. When the appointment details are shown, the appointment type along with the other details are also shown. When you change or press the Clear Filter button, the appointments on the page reflect the change as well. If you change an appointment start or end time, then the Save button is enabled. The filter is disabled when the Save button is enabled so you don’t forget to save your changes before refreshing the appointment list.