Ideal WMS or ERP BOD integration requirements

You can use YMS as a stand-alone application to track equipment, perform tasks, and report and keep historical data. Using BODs to exchange data, you can integrate YMS to WMS or ERP application and exchange information between the disparate systems in real time. This section explains integration requirements and how to configure the inter-data synchronization when YMS is coupled with the WMS or ERP for the facility.

  • Inbound to YMS from WMS or ERP generated BODs
    In addition to the minimum set of WMS or ERP generated BODs, this set of BODs is helpful to maintain a seamless look and feel among the various separate Infor software packages operating at a customer facility:
    • Sync.ShipmentSchedule
    • Process.TransportationStatus
      • Door Open
      • Door Close
  • Outbound from YMS to WMS or ERP consumed BODs
    Being the system of record (SOR) for equipment, the generation of the Sync.TransportationStatus BOD is triggered from Infor YMS for any changes to the equipment. Equipment is any means by which WMS or ERP managed material arrives or leaves the yard. In Infor YMS, equipment can be a shipping container, rail car, over the road equipment, vessel, or carrier. The main triggering events in Infor YMS are these activities:
    • Gate entry and departure
    • Moves within the yard
    • Inspections
    • Status changes
    • Indication by status that the equipment was moved to or away from a door or loading and unloading point

    If the WMS or ERP has a concept of trailers or equipment, then the synchronization of data across systems is important for the Sync.TransportationStatus BOD to be consumed by the WMS or ERP to update the corresponding records in that system.