Generating code for driver check in at the facility level

  1. Select a facility from the Facility field.
  2. Select Execution > Driver Mobile Check In.
  3. Specify this information:
    Driver License
    Specify the state issued CDL or driver’s license number for the driver.
    Driver License State
    Specify the state that issued the CDL or driver’s license. The combination of driver license number and driver license state generate the unique identification of the driver.
  4. Click Submit.

    If the driver is in the system, then the driver information is displayed. If the driver is not in the system, then you are prompted to add the driver.

  5. Specify this information:
    First name
    Specify the first name of the driver.
    Last name
    Specify the last name of the driver.
    Send email
    Optionally, specify the email address for the driver. The information in this field is used to email the QR code to the driver for reference and access.
    Optionally, specify the phone number of the driver.
    Additional Alert Preference
    Select the Text check box to receive a text message or the Email check box to receive an email regarding driver communication.
    Service provider
    If you select Text in the Additional Alert Preference field, you must specify a service provider from the list to receive text alerts.
    Equipment ID
    Select the id of the equipment. This value is used as a filter for the tasks to be given to the driver using the mobile application.
    Equipment Flow
    Select the equipment flow from the list.
    Equipment Type
    Select the equipment type from the list,
    Driver Carrier
    Select the driver carrier from the list.
  6. Click Sign to specify an electronic signature.
  7. Click Save and Generate Code.

    The QRURL field shows the QR code path to the application that has been translated into a scannable QR code.