Enterprise import and export

This table shows the enterprise pages from which record data can be imported, exported, or both.
Enterprise page Import Export Menu path
YMS Enterprise Suppliers Yes Yes Configuration > Suppliers
YMS Enterprise Carriers Yes Yes Enterprise > Configuration > Carriers
YMS Equipment Flow Process No Yes Configuration > Equipment FlowFacility > Interfaced Data > Supplier
YMS Equipment Types Yes Yes Configuration > Equipment Types
YMS Equipment Status Codes Yes Yes Configuration > Equipment Status Code
YMS Multi-Facil Equip Check-In Template Yes Yes Configuration > Equipment Multi-Facil Equip Check-In Template
YMS Equipment Status Map No Yes Configuration > External Status Code Map
YMS Location Types Yes Yes Configuration > Location Types
YMS Commodity Groups Yes Yes Configuration > Commodity Group
YMS Reason Codes Yes Yes Configuration > Reason Codes
YMS Facility Alerts/Events Yes Yes Enterprise > Configuration > Alerts/Events

Facility > Execution > Alerts/Events

YMS Inspection Question Configuration Yes Yes Configuration > Inspection
YMS Enterprise Import Date Format Yes Yes Configuration > Import Date Format
YMS Units of Measure Yes Yes Configuration > Units of Measure
YMS Enterprise Excel Import Log No Yes Administration > Imports
YMS Facility Management No Yes Administration > Facility Management
YMS Scheduled Tasks Yes Yes Administration > Scheduled Tasks
YMS Enterprise Printer Configuration No Yes Facility > Interfaced Data >Administration > Printer Management
YMS Enterprise Report Configuration No Yes Administration > Reporter Management
YMS Enterprise BOD Translation Yes Yes Administration > Translations
YMS Driver Maintenance No Yes Administration > Driver App Security
YMS Group Authorizations Yes Yes Administration > Group Roles

Select group role and click Group Authorizations.

YMS Transaction Log No Yes Administration > Transaction History
YMS String Customization Yes Yes Administration > String Customization
YMS Equipment Inventory No Yes Facility Setup > Facility Management
YMS Copy Facility Log No Yes Facility Setup > Copy Facility Log
YMS Equipment Inventory Yes Yes Multi-Facility Inventory > Equipment Inventory Inquiry
YMS Additional Equipment Yes Yes Multi-Facility Inventory > Additional Equipment Inventory Inquiry