Location and Zones

When equipment is checked in, the truck or trailer is dispatched to a discreet storage or staging location. Each yard location is physically marked with a unique identifier such as label (barcode) and XYZ coordinate, and optionally GPS latitude and longitude. Use the YMS Facility Yard Location page to create locations of any location type and to track where equipment physically resides within the boundaries of the yard.

A location can maintain one or more pieces of equipment. A location can be a discrete location or a general area depending on the facility capabilities.

The yard can be divided into different zones and areas for purposes of task dispatch. A zone is a collection of locations. Each location can be in only one zone. When a zone is created, the zone defines an area within the yard. You can assign a zone to a location on the Location page. When the system is selecting candidate locations within a zone, an empty location with the lowest location sequence is selected.