Driver Application Security

When the equipment is owned by a driver, the movement of that equipment is usually performed by a driver and not a yard jockey that is using the Infor YMS application. When a driver owns and stays with the equipment, that equipment must still be moved within the yard. A driver can use the YMS Mobile Driver application to have limited system access to view the moves and to perform moves for their equipment only. The Driver Application (App) Security page contains the list of drivers that have been registered to use the YMS Mobile Driver application. Drivers are configured at the facility level in the Driver Mobile Check In page.

In the Driver App Security page, you can change the name, email, license information, and phone number of the driver as well as the equipment. Though, the most important change you can make on this page is to change the driver from active to not active. While the driver is on site and signed in to the YMS Mobile Driver application, the driver is active. This information helps when the same driver attends the facility on a regular basis so that their data does not have to be entered every time they arrive with their equipment. From this screen, you can view the list of drivers and if they are currently active in the system (Yes). If the driver signs out, then the status is automatically changed to not active (No), which prevents the driver from signing back into the application. You can also end the driver mobile session by removing the record of the driver or manually setting the driver to not active, No.