Moving multiple equipment ID records

On the Selected Equipment portion of the Batch Move page, you can use these buttons to perform actions on the equipment IDs:
  • Clear List: Click to clear the equipment IDs from the list.
  • Remove Row: Click to remove the row from the list.
  • Select All: Click select the Include check box for all selected records.
  • Deselect All: Click to clear the Include check box for all selected records.
  • Clear To Location: Click to clear the To location and restart the process. Not that this also clears the Include check box.
  • Copy Location To Selected: Click to copy the location selected to all the rows where Include is selected.
  1. Select a facility from the Facility field.
  2. Select Execution > Batch Move.
  3. Select the equipment ID record to move and click Select. If the equipment ID is in the correct status, then the record can be moved.

    To check out multiple equipment records, select the Include box next to each equipment record.

  4. Specify this information:
    Select the check box to include the row in the copy location when you click Select.
    Specify the priority for this task.
    Auto Complete
    Select the check box to auto complete task in desired time frame. Otherwise, clear the check box to manually complete the task.
    Auto Complete In
    Specify the duration of time before the task is auto-completed.
    Location Type Filter
    Select the location type to filter the To Location Name list.
    To Location Name
    Select the actual location where to move the equipment from the list of values.
  5. Click Initiate Moves to generate the move requests for the selected rail cars.