Driver Mobile Check In

The YMS Facility Driver Check-In page is used to generate a unique access code for drivers that can use the restricted secure mobile application for their equipment. When a driver is granted access to the mobile application, their access is recorded and shown in the Driver App Security page. This page records the information about the driver to grant the driver access to the mobile application.

In the case where the driver owns and stays with the equipment while it is in the yard, the driver mobile application is used to communicate to the driver when the equipment needs to be moved and where to move the equipment. The driver can indicate when the equipment has arrived at an assigned location and confirm the location.

The Driver Mobile Application can be used to check equipment ID when the location is occupied by another piece of equipment.

The Facility Driver Check-In page records the information on the driver, driver name, driver’s license information, and equipment information. This data is used to generate a scannable QR code that, when scanned on a tablet or smart phone, grants the user a secure and highly restricted application used to communicate when the equipment needs to be moved.