Adding a yard check at the facility level

  1. Select a facility from the Facility field.
  2. Select Execution > Yard Check to open the YMS Yard Check page.
  3. Click New to access the Yard Check detail view.
  4. Specify this information on the Inspection Rotation tab:
    Equipment flow
    Select an equipment flow.
    Location type
    Select the location type associated with the equipment flow.
    Inspection days
    Specify the number of inspection days. When the days since the equipment was last inspected exceeds the inspection days, the equipment is a candidate for a yard check or inspection task. Note that a yard check inspection cannot be generated if a pending move task for the equipment exists.
    Max inspections
    Specify a maximum number of inspections to be generated each night when the yard check record is analyzed. When the maximum inspections count is exceeded for the nightly request, analysis of the yard check inspection generation is stopped.
    Select Yes to set the inspection to be active. If you select No for not active, the nightly process is ignored by yard check.
    Default priority
    Specify the default priority for the inspection task. If you do not specify a default priority, the priority is defaulted to the default priority for the inspection task.
    Inspection level
    Select an inspection level from the list of levels. The inspection task includes the inspection questions for the equipment flow and inspection level of the yard check configuration row.
  5. Click Save.