Adding a new equipment status at the enterprise level

  1. Select Facility > Enterprise.
  2. Select Configuration > Equipment Status Codes to open the YMS Equipment Status Codes page.
  3. Click New to access the Equipment Status Codes detail view.
  4. Specify this information on the YMS Equipment Status Codes tab:
    Equipment Status
    Specify a short description of the equipment status.
    In Service
    Select Yes to specify that the equipment status code is in service. Otherwise, select No. Out-of-service equipment is shown in the Held equipment page. Held equipment cannot be moved to location types that handle equipment loading and unloading.
    Status Color
    Specify the color for the status to be displayed. The color must be in a three-part hex format that is displayed #FFFFFF, which is the standard RGB hex color code nomenclature. Using Chrome, you can choose to use the color picker, find a color, and click OK. Status colors affect the color rendering of the equipment in the yard view.
  5. Click Save.