RFID Registration

The RFID Registration page is used to add, modify, and delete RFID tags in YMS. The page registers each individual tag number, when acquired; if in use or not in use; and shelf life to help determine if the tag needs to be replaced.

When a shipment arrives at a facility, an RFID tag or chip can be attached to the items in that shipment to individual equipment or additional equipment. Using an electromagnetic signal, the RFID tag transmits information to a reader that uses GPS to pinpoint the location of the equipment.

When RFID labels are attached to equipment or attached to additional equipment such as chassis, you can track the RFID tags. RFID labels are labels with a chip imbedded that broadcasts a signal or a magnetic plastic device that is attached to equipment to track it. The RFID Registration page manages the RFID tags attached to equipment that is scanned into the yard as well as those assets managed at the facility.

All the details regarding the RFID are entered manually using add, modify, delete, and duplicate.