Creating a new equipment request selection

  1. Select a facility from the Facility field.
  2. Select Configuration > Move Request Equipment Selection.
  3. Click New.
  4. Specify this information on the Equipment Request Selection tab:
    Rule Name
    Specify the rule name, which must be one of the equipment types that is to be linked to the move request.
    Specify the sequence for how the rules are to be evaluated.
    Rule Type
    Select the rule type. These values are valid:
    • Shipment Match: Move request shipment matches shipment on equipment. For example, a move request to complete the loading of a partial load shipment that was already started.
    • Equipment At Location: Evaluate if equipment is already at the location
    • Oldest First: Find equipment with the oldest check-in date
    • Minimum Days on Site: Find any equipment where the days on-site are more than a set amount
    • Fewest Equipment Free Days Remain: Fewest free days takes into account different free days for various carriers in a carrier group
    Optionally, select the zone to search for the equipment. This field is used when proximity is important.
    Minimum Days On Site
    When Minimum Days on Site is selected for Rule, specify the minimum number of days. For example, if you specify 10, then you are specifying that 10 or more days on site is acceptable.
    Create Move Task
    Select one of these options:
    • No: select if the selection of the equipment only should be performed
    • Yes: select if the selection of the equipment and move task should be performed

    When Yes is selected, you can review the equipment selected, perform any changes, and confirm the selection or provide an alternative.

    Auto Complete Seconds
    Optionally, if Yes is selected for Create Move Task, specify in seconds the amount of time to wait before the move task is automatically completed. When the number of seconds is exceeded, then the move task is automatically completed.
  5. Click Save.