Using Clear Being Processed button

When the Alert Event System (AES) is triggered to work on events, the event being worked on is marked as in progress to indicate the active processing status of the record. Likewise, when processing is complete the record indicates the completion by clearing the flag. Since multi-tenant cloud applications are running on a shared server, the potential exists for one of those servers to be rebooted for updates or health reasons. Although unlikely, if a reboot event was to happen at the exact instant the background alert event system is working on a record, then the potential exists for the record to be flagged as being processed. Further processing of the record could potentially skip over this record. Use the Clear Being Processed button to put the record back into the queue of work if this scenario occurs.

  1. Select Configuration > Alerts/Events to open the YMS Facility Alerts/Events page.
  2. Select the alert or event that is in process.
  3. Click Clear Being Processed.