Driver mobile application

The driver must be registered through theDriver Mobile Check In page. After registration, the QR code is scanned by the driver using a smart phone or tablet. The QR code directs the driver to the Driver mobile application using the browser on their mobile device. In the mobile application, drivers can only perform these tasks:

  • Complete a move of their equipment
  • Perform an inquiry on equipment by equipment ID
  • Decouple
  • Sign out

After a driver signs out, the session is terminated and can only be reactivated by a user in the facility through the Driver Maintenance page.

The mobile application has these functions:

  • Move page: This page is where the moves for the driver’s equipment is displayed. The driver can use the information to know where to move the equipment and to complete the move.
  • Inquiry page: The driver uses this page to verify that the equipment is in the instructed location and to see if other equipment is located where the driver was instructed to go.
  • Decouple button: The driver uses this button to indicate they have uncoupled from their equipment and detached the tractor from the trailer.

The Driver mobile application is a restricted, secure mobile application, from which drivers can move only their equipment. The security group for the driver does not allow them to access any page except the Driver mobile application page.

This table shows the options presented to the driver in the Driver Mobile application.

Screen option Screen fields
Task List When a move exists for the driver equipment, the move is displayed in the task list. In the Task List page, the driver can perform these tasks:
  • Complete: Use the Complete button to complete the move
  • Go back: Use the Back button to return to the main menu
  • Refresh: Use the Refresh button to refresh the page

The task list includes these fields:

  • Equipment ID: The read-only identification of the driver equipment
  • Equipment Carrier: The read-only carrier for the equipment
  • To Location: The read-only location the driver equipment should be moved to
Inquiries The driver can use the equipment ID to verify the location. In the Inquiries page, the driver can perform these tasks:
  • Perform the inquiry by entering the equipment ID or selecting the equipment ID from the list
  • Click the Back button to return to the main menu
The Inquiry list includes these fields:
  • Equipment ID: The equipment ID being searched on
  • Location: The read-only location of the equipment
  • Carrier: The read-only carrier of the equipment
  • Equipment Status: The read-only status of the equipment
  • Equipment Type: The read-only type of equipment
  • Current State: The read-only current state of the equipment
Decouple Disconnect the tractor from the trailer
Exit Sign out and exit the application

When the driver performs an action in the mobile application, the driver security is updated to reflect the driver date and time of the last activity.