Adding scheduled tasks at the enterprise level

  1. Select Facility > Enterprise.
  2. Select Administration > Scheduled Tasks to open the YMS Scheduled Tasks page.
  3. Click New to access the Scheduled Tasks detail view.
  4. Specify this information on the Application Component Configuration tab:
    Select a facility. When a task value is for a facility, the facility is used to determine the purge criteria. When a task value is set for the Enterprise, the value defined for the purge parameter is used for removing records when a facility override does not exist. Any facility without a scheduled task setting override uses the Enterprise setting. Any facility can create a customized setting that supersedes the Enterprise.
    Application Component
    Specify the application component, which is the component where the parameter is applied in this application.
    Specify the name of the parameter as defined in this application. These parameters are created by development and you can only use the set values created by Infor.
    Specify how and why the parameter is used.
    Select Yes if the parameter is to be active. Otherwise, select No.
    Select Yes if the parameter can be edited. Otherwise, select No. When a parameter can be edited, the value must be within the preset minimum and maximum values.
    Select the type for the system value parameter. These values are valid:
    • Days to Save
    • External Table
    Minimum value
    Specify the minimum value for the setting.
    Maximum value
    Specify the maximum value for the setting.
    Current Value
    Specify the desired value for this parameter.
    Next run date\time (UTC)
    Select the next run date and time from the calendar.
    Run Every Day
    Specify the number of days for the purge process to check for and remove completed data.
    Run Every Hour
    Specify the number of hours for the purge process to check for and remove completed data.
    Run Every Time
    Specify the date/time for the next purge process to check for and remove completed data.
  5. Click Save.