Carrier refers to a transportation company that provides transit services from a supplier to a destination. Carriers are primarily a transportation system such as railways, trucks, lorries, aircraft, ships, and pipelines that carry the product from source to destination.

Typically, the list of carriers is downloaded from the host system into YMS. Though when YMS is sold as a standalone, you can add carriers directly into the application. Use the Carrier page to view, add, modify, and delete all carrier information. Carrier information includes these items:

  • Carrier code
  • Carrier name
  • Carrier type
  • Carrier address
  • Carrier contacts
  • Detention rules
  • Demurrage rules

When equipment arrives at the facility by trailer, rail car, container, or barge, the carrier is used to identify the organization that supplied and owns that equipment. The relationship to carrier helps the facility to manage charges associated with the duration that equipment is on site.