The YMS Weight Inbound page is used to view the external scale system recorded weight of each individual piece of equipment by equipment ID. The weights shown are downloaded from a scale or other weighing interface.

You can use the YMS Weight Inbound page to view the recorded weight of the individual piece of equipment. When equipment enters the yard and is directed to a scale to be weighted, the scale sends the initial weight of the equipment. Every time the equipment passes over a scale device, the recorded weight and whether the equipment record is for an inbound weight or outbound weight is sent back to YMS.

If commodity, and optionally commodity type, information is included in the YMS Weight Inbound page, then the commodity of the equipment is updated by the scale equipment, such as WinScale, to show the latest commodity changes. The commodity is updated in the equipment based on these rules:
  • If the commodity is not included in the weight record, then the commodity of the equipment is not changed.
  • If the commodity and commodity type are both specified in the weight record, then both values are changed in the equipment.
  • If the commodity is included in the weight record but the commodity type is not specified, then the equipment commodity is updated and the commodity type is set to blank.