Adding a new RFID registration at the facility level

  1. Select a facility from the Facility field.
  2. Select RFID Registration > RFID Registration to open the YMS Facility RFID Registration page.
  3. Click New to access the RFID Registration detail view.
  4. Specify this information on the RFID Registration tab:
    Specify the identification of the RFID.
    Temporary or Permanent
    Optionally, select one of these indicators:
    • Temporary: Indicates that the RFID is temporary
    • Permanent: Indicates that the RFID is permanent
    Select the vendor from the list of vendors.
    Vendor Owned
    Optionally, select Yes if the vendor is owned. Otherwise, select No.
  5. Specify this information on the Dates tab:
    Date Acquired
    Select the date the RFID was acquired.
    Date Last Scanned
    Specify the data of the last scan.
    Date Last Used
    Specify the date that the RFID was last used.
    Shelf Life or Life Expectancy
    Specify the value for shelf life or life expectancy as an integer.
  6. Click Save.