Adding a new facility at the enterprise level

  1. Select Facility > Enterprise.
  2. Select Administration > Facility Management to open the YMS Enterprise Facility page.
  3. Click New to access the Facility detail view.
  4. Specify this information on the Facility tab:
    Select a facility.
    Facility name
    Specify the name of the facility.
    Facility Host Alias
    Specify the name that your company uses for the facility or warehouse if different from the identifier used by YMS.
    Select Yes if the facility is an active facility. Otherwise, select No. An inactive facility is not displayed in the list to prevent a user from using the facility. The No setting can be used while a facility is being configured, when it is about to be removed, or when it is no longer an active facility.
    Specify the name of the company.
    Landing page URL
    Specify the URL of the company. This value indicates the web page to be displayed in the Facility home page when that facility is selected from the list.
    Check In Location Type
    Select the default location type. During the check-in process, a user in this facility must select a check-in location for the equipment from the list of locations of that location type.
    External System Default Location Type
    Select the external system default location type used to default the location type of the locations synchronized with the ERP or WMS. This field lists the name of the load or unload door location type to defaulted for the 3rd party application interfaced locations.
    Dimensions and Coordinates Units of Measure
    Select the dimensions and coordinates units of measure from the predefined values. This field indicates the units of measure defined for equipment, locations, and yard objects. These values are valid:
    • in: Inches
    • ft: feet
    • m: meters
    • cm: centimeters
    Objects displayed in the yard view 3D render are automatically converted to a standard unit. All units of dimension must be the same units and must not be mixed. For example, do not use feet for some equipment and inches for others.
    Perform Collision Detection
    Select Yes to receive an alert when you enter XYZ coordinates that overlap existing XYZ coordinates. Otherwise, select No.
  5. Specify this information on the Address tab:
    Address Line (1-4)
    Specify the address line details.
    Specify the name of the city where the facility is located.
    Specify the state where the facility is located.
    Zip Code
    Specify the zip code of the facility is located.
    Specify the name of the country where the facility is located.
    Specify the name of the contact person for the facility.
    Specify the email ID of the contact person.
    Specify the phone number of the facility.
    Specify the fax number of the facility.
    Local Time Zone
    Select the time zone of the facility.
    Time Zone Offset
    Specify the time zone offset in minutes. All values on the screen are converted to this time zone when possible.
  6. Click Save.