Inspections refer to a checklist of questions that direct an operator through the process of checking over yard equipment. The Inspection configuration is used to define the inspection questions required across the equipment flows with the default answer setting. The default answer setting is the answer to supply when the user is not required to answer. For example, an equipment flow for outbound shipping containers includes a set of questions that steps an operator through the checklist to verify the wheels, doors, and structure of the container. If no default answer is configured, then the operator must acknowledge each item in the checklist. In contrast, an inspection question with a default answer requires the operator to only indicate the answer when the default answer does not reflect their response to the inspection question.

Four levels are available for inspections. The inspections checklist can be customized, according to where the inspection task applies in the steps that the equipment follows through the YMS yard. For example, a yard check inspection might require only cursory level 1 questions, but a gate check-in could require inspection level 2 questions while level 3 inspections are required for specific commodities prior to unloading. At level 4, comprehensive inspection prior to loading could include any or all inspection questions.

All the inspection questions are configured manually in the application. After the entire library of questions is defined in the Inspection page, the questions are attached to the specific equipment flow, where they are applied.

Inspection of an equipment flow is mandatory and, based on the inspection question and answers, the equipment condition is analyzed, and the results are recorded. The inspection is pass or fail depending on the answers by the operator and if the inspection area must pass for the inspection to be successful. Based on the inspection pass or fail, the equipment status value is changed as indicated in the equipment flow configuration for inspection pass equipment status and inspection fail equipment status.