Trailer Age report

The Trailer Age report shows equipment that is approaching detention, demurrage, or storage time thresholds. The aging formula can be configured for the equipment type, carrier, and commodity. When configuring the formula, equipment type is generic, carrier is more specific, and commodity is very specific. During calculation, the formula values for the commodity are first used. If they are not found, then the values for carrier are used If those are not found, then values for equipment type are used.

This report determines the count of equipment by carrier for a facility based on the configured duration thresholds specified. The generated report is based on the equipment records that have not been checked out using the field that is indicated by the appropriate configuration.

If no configuration value is set at the commodity level, then an attempt to determine the value from the carrier is made. If no configured value is available for the carrier, then the equipment type is used.

Using the field indicated by the formula, the elapsed number of days is calculated, and the equipment is counted when the threshold is exceeded. These fields are used by the formula to generate the detention, demurrage, and storage time:

  • Expected arrival time
  • Want time
  • Ordered time
  • Check in time
  • Check out time
  • Last move time
  • Last inspection time
  • Open time
  • Close time

The field of the equipment that corresponds to the field indicated by the formula is used to determine if the number of days indicated has elapsed or has been exceeded.