Equipment flow

The equipment flow configuration is used to define all the equipment flows or processes with descriptions used by a company. Each equipment flow must have one or more equipment types attached to it. Equipment flow is determined by the enterprise and is used to indicate the typical path that the equipment follows while at the facility.

Equipment flow determines the layout of the check-in screen and maintains the list of equipment types that apply to the equipment flow. The equipment flow is also used in the automated work flow configuration that is found in the Alerts/Events page. Equipment flows are used in the configuration of the location type to restrict equipment with certain equipment flows from being moved into locations of that type. The equipment flow is the followed process for these tasks:

  • Checking equipment in
  • Moving equipment through the yard
  • Loading or unloading equipment
  • Checking equipment out of the yard
As an enterprise user, you can configure the equipment flow so that only the equipment flow values associated with the selected facility show on the equipment flow list at the facility level. The alerts or events also filter the equipment flow by the facility associated with the alert or event. When the equipment flow values are limited to only those equipment flow records that are in use at the facility, only those equipment flow values are shown on these pages:
  • YMS Additional Equipment at the Enterprise and Facility levels
  • YMS Equipment Inventory at the Enterprise and Facility levels
  • YMS Equipment Check In Default Template at the Enterprise and Facility levels
  • YMS Facility Alerts/Events at the Enterprise and Facility levels
  • YMS Facility Appointments
  • YMS Facility Gate Check In
  • YMS Yard Check