Master data

Master Data provides synchronization of common data between the WMS or ERP system and Infor YMS. This diagram shows the flow of data between the two systems.

BOD_Integration - Master_Data

This table shows the BODs that fall into the Master Data category.

BOD Description
Sync.Location The WMS or ERP provided list of door locations or loading platforms for where equipment will be loaded and unloaded. These door locations and loading platforms should be common shared locations between the two systems. This information is needed more at initial load and could be provided through a flat file if necessary.
Sync.SupplierPartyMaster The WMS or ERP provided list of suppliers, vendors, and carriers used at the facility. The suppliers and venders are helpful data values in Infor YMS but are not key to the day-to-day function operations of Infor YMS. Whereas, carriers are critical to the successful operation of Infor YMS. Carriers are used to bring freight into the facility or haul the shipped freight to the customer or distribution center. The WMS or ERP system and Infor YMS should share a common list of carriers.
Sync.PurchaseOrder On an ongoing basis, when Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs) cannot be provided, the purchase order (PO) can be used to display the inventory on the equipment before receiving or after loading in Infor YMS.
Sync.ShipmentSchedule On an ongoing basis, the appointments can be consumed in Infor YMS and used to show the expected activity for the day as well as provide real time visual updates to the equipment to show proximity to critical timing windows and events. Although not critical, the appointments are very helpful within Infor YMS to manage the equipment to achieve schedule milestones.
Sync.CodeDefinitions Like locations, the WMS or ERP systems can provide a list of commodities and commodity groups to Infor YMS to keep the two systems synchronized regarding the flow and format of data. The commodity group with Infor YMS helps manage the workflow and facilitates decisions on workflow as well as validates moves and equipment storage decisions. Depending on the dynamic nature of this information in the WMS or ERP system, the data can be provided and maintained manually.
Process.PulseAlert This BOD is generated by the Infor YMS and consumed by ION to provide email notifications based on the alert or event workflows configured in Infor YMS by the customer.