Trailer management

The trailer management flow is used by the WMS or ERP system to request equipment to be brought to the door for loading. The WMS or ERP system typically stages inventory for a shipment at a door and has potentially cubed out, determined loading sequence and shipment volume, a piece of equipment to maximize shipping volume and minimize transportation costs. The WMS or ERP system can request specific equipment type as well as the carrier for the equipment. The YMS user has the ability to decide what equipment within the facility can best meet the shipping needs while keeping detention and demurrage costs as low as possible.

This diagram shows the flow between the two systems.

BOD_Integration - Trailer_Management
In this data flow, equipment is requested by the WMS or ERP system using the same Process.TransportationStatus BOD that is used to indicate door open or door closed event. Infor YMS responds to the request with the same Sync.TransportationStatus BOD indicating this information:
  • Equipment selected by the Infor YMS operator
  • A negatively confirmed request in the situation where suitable equipment cannot be determined
  • Issues preventing the Infor YMS user from completing the request as originally indicated