Creating a move task at the facility level

  1. Select a facility from the Facility field.
  2. Select Execution > Equipment Requests to open the YMS Facility Equipment Requests page.
  3. Select a record to create the move request.
  4. If not already specified, specify this information on the Assignments tab:
    Assigned Equipment ID
    Select the equipment ID for the equipment carrier.
  5. Click Create Move Task.
  6. Specify this information:
    Specify the priority for this task.
    Auto Complete
    Select the check box to auto complete task in desired time frame. Otherwise, clear the check box to manually complete the task.
    Auto-Complete In
    Specify the duration of time before the task is auto-completed.
  7. Click OK.
    • If the equipment and location combination is not valid, or the requested move cannot be generated, then an error is displayed.
    • If no valid equipment can be used to satisfy the request or a move cannot be created, you can select Send Move Failure to respond with a move fail message.
    • If the equipment and location combination is valid, a move task is created to bring the equipment to the load or unload location indicated in the host system move task request. When the equipment move is completed, a move complete message is displayed.
    • Click Send Confirm Stage if the equipment is moved to the load or unload location in advance of the receipt of the move task request.