Equipment Inventory

The Equipment Inventory page shows inventory within a specific facility yard, showing all rail cars, barges, trailers and containers at the facility. At the facility level, equipment inventory records are filtered for the facility based on the criteria specified. The Equipment Inventory option is available under Interfaced Data menu because the Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) tag reader can be used to capture inbound equipment. The AEI tag reader captures information on all inbound and outbound rail cars by reading the RF tag mounted on the car. If an RF tag exists, the data is sent to YMS, which then automatically performs the check-in or check-out process depending on the direction of the scan.

You can access the Equipment Inventory page at the enterprise and multi-facility level. You can add equipment only at the facility level through the check-in process.

You can specify or view this information on this page:
  • Equipment
  • Transportation and driver
  • Weights and dimensions
  • Positioning Details
  • Dates
  • Comments
  • Admin