Alerts and Events

The Alerts/Events page contains a list of alerts and events that are used to manage the workflow of the equipment while inside the yard. For example, when an equipment flow is moved to an unload type location, a status change can be generated to change the equipment status. An email can also be sent if set as part of the criteria.

To monitor and maintain the workflow for the equipment flow, the Alert and Event system is configured to do these things when workflow meets a certain set of criteria:

  • Send emails
  • Create tasks on equipment
  • Create status changes on equipment

The alerts and events automatically manage the workflow and continuously monitor and step an equipment flow through the yard, removing the requirement for manual monitoring. Any set of steps an equipment flow must take while under the control of the application can be automated using alert events. This example flow can be automated using the Alert and Event page:

  1. Notify a group of users when a specific workflow arrives telling them the equipment ID and commodity of the equipment.
  2. Create a check-in inspection for the equipment.
  3. If the inspection fails, move the equipment to a repair area and notify an operator that equipment needs repair.
  4. If the inspection passes, move the equipment to a staging area.
  5. When the equipment is moved to a load or unload type location, change the status and notify an operator that equipment is ready for loading or unloading.

Alert events monitor for when an equipment flow meets the criteria indicated in the combination of equipment flow, equipment status, commodity, and current state. When the criteria indicated matches the current values of the equipment, the functions indicated by the entry are performed to do one or both of these things:

  • Send an email to a user or set of users
  • Create a task of the type move, status change, or inspection

A move task can be created to complete the move automatically when the indicated time has elapsed or to generate a move that an operator can perform. A status change task can only be configured to be performed in a specified time interval. The status is applied to the equipment when the time period has elapsed. Inspections can only be performed manually.