Visual Slot Management

The Visual Slot Management page can be used to view the status of the doors (locations that allow load/unload) and the specific information related to the loading and unloading actions.

You can access this page using the Slot Management option in the Yard menu of the navigation pane. When this page is accessed, initially all locations that are of a location type configured for loading and unloading, are displayed as widgets. You can filter the locations based on these filters:

  • Zone
  • Empty or Occupied
  • Yard

On each widget, you can view details such as:

  • The first equipment (if exists at the location).
  • The status of the equipment and the carrier.
  • The status of the location.
  • A progress bar for the inbound and outbound shipments.

This data is displayed based on the PO, ASN or SO linked to the equipment and the status of the orders. The progress bar alerts the user when the loading or unloading process is completed.

You can use the Location Details option in the widget to view location details in the left pane. If equipment(s), appointment(s) or task(s) related to the location exist, these details are also displayed in the left pane. You can use the Details option to access the window that displays additional details and options related to the specific data.

Note: If the location is currently out of service, this is indicated by displaying the Location Details option in Red.

When there is a command going to the location or a command for the equipment displayed on the location card, the related option is enabled to complete the move out or move into the location action.