Adding a new inspection question

  1. Select Facility > Enterprise.
  2. Select Configuration > Inspection to open the YMS Inspection Question Configuration page.
  3. Click New to access the Inspection Question Configuration detail view.
  4. Specify this information on the Inspection Question tab:
    Select the facility to which the question applies. A facility can add additional questions in order to accommodate specific inspection areas that apply to the given facility.
    Specify a sequence number from 1 to 99 for the question. The number indicates the inspection question sequence when displaying the question on a page.
    Inspection Area
    Specify the description for the inspection area such as roof, chassis, walls, and floors.
    Must Pass
    Select Yes to indicate that this inspection question must pass for the equipment to pass inspection. Otherwise, select No.
    Image Required on Inspection Failure
    Select Yes to specify that if a question fails inspection and the question is flagged, then at least one image is required for the inspection to be completed. Otherwise, select No.
    Default Answer
    Select Yes to provide a default answer. Otherwise, select No. The default answer is used in the Inspection page to default the answer for the user. For example, if the default answer is Yes, then the user clicks Enter to accept the default. The user only needs to change the answer to No when an inspection area fails inspection.
    Inspection Question
    Specify the description for the inspection question, which can be a single question or multiple questions based on the site area.
    Inspection Level
    Select any level based on the inspection. When an operator receives an inspection task, the inspection level indicated in the task record determines which questions the operator is asked. These values are valid:
    • Level 1 (Casual)
    • Level 2 (Moderate)
    • Level 3 (Detailed)
    • Level 4 (Comprehensive)
    The inspection level can be used to customize when the inspection questions apply. By using the inspection level, inspections can be customized based on where equipment is located, the equipment status, or by the process that generated the inspection such as the Yard Check or yard cycle count generation process.
  5. On the Equipment Flow tab, you can add or remove equipment flow records by performing one or both actions:
    • Add an equipment flow: Select equipment flow from the Available column and click the arrow in the Available header to move to the Selected column.
    • Remove an equipment flow: Select equipment flow from the Selected column and click the arrow in the Selected header to move to the Available column.
  6. Click Save.