Facility import and export

This table shows the facility pages from which record data can be imported, exported, or both.
Facility page Import Export Menu path
YMS Facility Appointments Yes Yes Interfaced Data > Appointments
YMS Enterprise Carriers Yes Yes Interfaced Data > Carriers
YMS Enterprise Suppliers Yes Yes Interfaced Data > Suppliers
YMS Equipment Inventory No Yes Interfaced Data > Equipment Inventory
YMS Facility Loading Platform Yes Yes Interfaced Data > Dock Doors/Loading Platforms
YMS Facility Commodities Yes Yes Interfaced Data > Commodity
YMS Weight Inbound No Yes Interfaced Data > Weight/Scale
YMS Facility Yard Location Yes Yes Configuration > Location/Zones
YMS Facility Drawing Objects Yes Yes Configuration > Drawing Objects
YMS Equipment Check-In Template Yes Yes Configuration > Equipment Check-In Template
YMS Enterprise Excel Import Log No Yes Administration > Imports
YMS Facility Management No Yes Administration > Facility Management
YMS Scheduled Tasks Yes Yes Administration > Scheduled Tasks
YMS Enterprise Printer Configuration No Yes Administration > Printer Management
YMS Transaction Log No Yes Administration > Transaction History
YMS Equipment Inventory No Yes Execution > Equipment Inventory
YMS Additional Equipment Yes Yes Execution > Additional Equipment Inventory
YMS Facility Inspection Results No Yes Execution > Inspection Results
YMS Facility Task No Yes Execution > Tasks
YMS Facility Move Task Requests No Yes Execution > Move Task Requests
YMS Facility Held Equipment Inventory No Yes Execution > Held Inventory
YMS Yard Check Yes Yes Execution > Yard Check
YMS Facility Alerts/Events Yes Yes Execution > Alerts/Events
YMS Visual Yard Filter Template No Yes Yard > Visual Yard Filter
YMS Facility RFID Registration Yes Yes RFID Registration > RFID Registration