Creating a new task management rule

  1. Select a facility from the Facility list.
  2. Select Configuration > Task Management.
  3. From the Facility Task Management page, click New.
  4. Specify this information:
    Specify the name of the role.
    Specify a description for the rule.
    Specify the priority of the rule. The value can be from 1 to 999.
    From Zone
    Select a location zone for the rule.
    To Zone
    Select a location zone for the rule.
    Task Type
    Specify the type of task. These values are valid:
    • Any
    • Inspection
    • Move
    This field is enabled only when a zone is specified. Select Yes to indicate that the commands shown to the mobile user's application are locked to that user. If locked, then no one else can complete or access the driver or spotter tasks until the user moves on to a new task rule. Select No to allow any mobile user access to the tasks.
    Interleave Sequence
    Specify the interleave sequence. These values are valid: 1, 2, or Any.
    Interleave sequence defines the order at the priority for configuring for configuring a task management role to use a forced alternating strategy between two tasks. For example, a role of Move and Inspection both at the same priority with in an interleave sequence of 1 and 2, respectively, results in the issuing of a move followed by an inspection and back to move and then inspection. This alternating of tasks continues while tasks of those types exit that fit the rule criteria.
    If you select Any for the Interleave Sequence, then the highest priority move or inspection is issue to the user that is closest to the task. The subsequent task that is issued to the user is irrespective of the previous task issued.
    Command Cache
    Specify the number of tasks to show a user at a time in the YMS Yard Spotter Mobile application for this rule.
  5. Click Save.