String Customization

When using Infor YMS, you may find that there are drop down and column values that you want to customize or override with values that fit your company processes and uses. For example, the inspection levels could be used by a customer to reflect the process rather than inspection type. in that case, the customer might change the inspection levels to the values shown in this table:
String Standard text definition Customer text definition
sYMSLevel1 Level 1 (Casual) Level 1 (Yard)
sYMSLevel2 Level 2 (Moderate) Level 2 (External)
sYMSLevel3 Level 3 (Detailed) Level 3 (Internal)
sYMSLevel4 Level 4 (Comprehensive) Level 4 (Comprehensive)
You can use the String Customization page in Enterprise > Administration to create the customized string. In addition to creating a customized string, you can perform these tasks on the String Customization page:
  • Modify a custom string
  • Restore the original string value
  • Delete the custom string
  • Import custom strings
  • Export custom string