Gate management

The gate is the first interaction between the carrier and the facility. The objective is to expedite inbound and outbound processing while avoiding congestion at the gate.

In YMS, you can use a mobile device to perform both gate check-in and gate check-out. YMS is designed to capture crucial data required to optimize both yard and facility operations such as these:

  • Driver name
  • Truck license plate
  • Trailer or railcar ID
  • ASN on trailer
  • POs on trailer
  • Live load
  • Drop trailer
  • Commodity codes
  • Inspection required
  • Seal number
  • Check in date and time
  • Check out date and time

Based on the information captured at the gate, the guard may attach an optional, passive RFID tag to each trailer. The YMS directs trailers to the proper locations in the yard, such as door location, staging, or storage, based on predefined business rules. These business rules minimize travel distances between trailers and dock doors, resulting in faster door turns and increased yard jockey productivity.

During the check-in process the truck driver is given a 2D barcode with a temporary password to scan the load to the YMS application on their mobile device. Then the driver is provided, from YMS, a directed move task to a discreet location. When the driver arrives at the location, the driver confirms the location and the GPS coordinates to mark the move as completed are marked through YMS.